William Harris

I am a nurse.  A registered nurse.  RN.  We go by many names – sometimes our patients call us angels, and sometimes they call us devils- my friends and family just calls me William Harris.

I love everything about life.  I love health, exercising, weight lifting, running, swimming, biking, kettle-bell swinging, calisthenics, plyometrics, yogo, dieting, whole foods, smoothies, shakes, fruits, vegetables, fermenting, organics, water, and everything else that goes along with health.  I love playing sports like basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, golf, and more.  I love singing, dancing, reading, making music, and sleeping.

I also love working.  I love providing for my family and enjoying my time with them.  I work hard and play hard.

I have stopped practicing as a nurse because of a few other adventures that are allowing me to really do so much more in life.  I still love nursing, and all of my friends- and I will ALWAYS be a nurse till the day that I die.  Right now, however, I am using my nursing in other ways.

I like to help my friends out with their health- I help them lose weight, gain muscle, and get fit, healthy and happy.

I also like to help my friends make money.  I am tired of hearing people say that they don’t know how to be successful.  I am willing to help anyone out – I just have an affinity towards my nursing friends.  I want to help your business succeed.  I want to help YOU succeed.

We can do this!!




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  • Chris Hegglund


    I am a travel nurse & I have created a new website that helps travelers find short-term rentals in a particular zip code throughout the U.S. We go live 9/14/15 & will be at TravCon 2015 in Las Vegas on 9/13-9/15. I am interested in taking on a partner who has strong business development skills. Do you know of anybody like this?

    Best regards,
    Chris Hegglund

    • William Harris

      That’s awesome Chris – I don’t have anyone that comes to mind right now – but there are a lot of great readers here. Hopefully one of them would like to take you upon on that 🙂 I’d be happy to make the introduction if someone comes to mind.

  • Shery

    Hello there,

    Not sure how I found this page. I’ve been a nurse, RN for about 20 years. Loads of experience in nursing and many others areas in life. I recently accepted a job as a teller health nurse. Pay is good 90k with potential to make bonuses. I also work from home.
    A bit about me, single mom to a 2 year old … A lot on my plate actually but love being a mom and one dream condo true …
    I accepted this job to work from home and make decent living. Found out that I can’t take days off. OMG seriously … I asked for day off a month and half from now. It’s for a hearing … They said in 2 weeks from date requested that they would let no know if I can take off.
    I have never seen this before! So basically difficult to take days, time off for anything … Suck baby, doctors appointment even as serious as for hearing date in court.
    Also they said if take off and not approved thats a warning and 3 your fired!
    I had asked about this upon my accepting job and I was told not an issue.
    Why I am looking for a new job from home full time.
    It’s a mess I can’t find a balance.
    I somehow found your site.
    Not sure if you can even help me…. I believe in God and fate and things happen for a reason.
    Maybe you ca help me?
    My email is shermint@hotmail.con
    Shery or shermin is the names I go by


  • Janine

    Hey William,

    I am a nurse with 10 years labor and delivery experience. I am also a freelance writer. Do you have any tips for me to start getting my website to the six figure level? Or, land the six figure client?

    I write for my local hospital, fitpregnancy.com, and healthline.com, but I feel I need ethier more clients, products, courses, or some other passive income….

    • William Harris

      Hey Janine – I checked out your website – it’s fantastic! Nice work!

      I have some ideas for you that I’m going to send via email so we can have a better chat back and forth about them.

  • Amelia _ The Social Media Coach

    Sir William!
    Thank you SO much for creating a community that is ALL about highlighting what is working well in Nursing. There are SO many examples of amazing nurses, your site comes up often in conversation. In all honesty many of the Nurses featured here are part of the reason why I am still in the Nursing profession. Finding people who supported my ideas inside my facility was tough. Yet when I started to Network with like minded RNs ( your community included) , that gave my Career new life…my wonderful Hubby even noticed a new pep in my step 🙂 .

    Thanks again for all that you share here + all of your other platforms.

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