Meet Capra Dalton RN, CEO of Pedagogy Inc.

What is the name of your company?

Pedagogy Inc.
What exactly does your company do?

Pedagogy provides online continuing education to nurses and other healthcare professionals. We are somewhat unique in our approach in that we consider our author’s the experts and our partners. We offer our authors a split commission on all of their course’s revenue. Not just a one time fee for writing the course. We also partner with large corporations, by building them a branded website to sell Pedagogy’s continuing education.

When did you start this company?

January 2010.

What was the process like? Help us understand what it is like for a nurse to start their own business

My business started with a lot of research. I did a lot of “due diligence” in researching the competition. My motto at that time was “understand what your competition is doing, and figure out how to do it better”. Researching how to accomplish becoming an accredited provider of continuing education and the options available. Then began the research for writing my own courses.

What has the hardest thing been in starting your business?

Understand that there will be a HUGE learning curve. You will be undertaking different aspects of business that were not taught to you in nursing school. Social media, marketing, accounting, website design and maintenance, learning and using technologies and computer programs- that you never have before. Some of these you will LOVE and embrace and some you will not. For me accounting is my most dreaded task…but it is one that you must do each week and each month! I am passionate about what I do and learning new things has always been “fun”. Patience, though, has never been my forte’, accepting that growing the business will take time. With being an entrepreneur, I find it particularly challenging to maintain “balance”. Owning your own business can be overwhelming and all-consuming, finding the “work life” and “home life” balance has probably been the biggest challenge.

What has been the most rewarding thing about starting your business?

Freedom to run a business with the standards I uphold. Being able to network and meet the wonderful people, authors and corporate partners that Pedagogy gets to work with. Being able to look back at what the company has accomplished and what I have accomplished on a personal level.

What would you say are the five most important resources for a nurse who wants to start their own business?
I am not sure these are 5 resources so much as 5 things to do.

1. Do your research. Establish who is your competition, know and understand what they do and how they do it.

2. Determine how your company will excel beyond your competition. What will set your company apart from the competition?

3. Determine who is your customer base and how will you reach them. How will you market your business?

4. Determine the tools you will need to manage all aspects of your business. Think about day to day operations, computers/equipment, accounting, marketing, networking, advertising, supplies.

5. Surround yourself with experienced and knowledgeable people. This may be in the form of who your hire or who you network with. There are many organizations, social media networks that are out there. Join a lot of organizations and networks, see what is the best fit for you and your company and your goals and needs. There are many people out there willing to share their past experience and knowledge.


Are you currently making six figures?

Yes, I am. Pedagogy Inc. is making over 6 figures per year, but as discussed earlier we share our revenue with our partners, our authors. Much of my personal income is put back into the company to implement changes and programs to promote growth of the company. We have been very proud to say we have self funded our company, accepting no investment capital. With the growth we have experienced in recent years our income forecasts project my personal income will exceed 6 figures by 4th quarter 2016.


About Capra Dalton RN, CEO

Continuing education nurse

Capra Dalton, Registered Nurse, has more than 30 years of experience in infusion therapy and the instruction of licensed nurses in infusion therapy continuing education. Her experience comes from multiple infusion settings: acute care, oncology, ambulatory infusion centers, home infusion, long term care continuing education provider, and long term care pharmacy quality assurance consultant. As the CEO, Capra is responsible for all operational aspects of Pedagogy, including education course content, author recruitment, and management. She is a member of the National Nurses in Business Association, Infusion Nurses Society and received her nursing education from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. Capra has an avid interest in holistic healing, nutrition, herbs, and alternative therapies for the treatment of disease in humans as well as animals. She and her husband, Patrick, live on a ranch near Tyler, Texas.

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  • Amelia _ The Social Media Coach

    Capra has certainly excelled beyond her competition! I say that because there are TONS of companies who offer CEs, yet Capra’s is the only company who has a face and this really goes a LONG way. I personally like to support Nurse owed businesses where possible. Awesome interview!


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