Meet Dr. Kaci Fournier PhD RN MSN HHP-BC, Owner of Full Well Life, LLC

What is the name of your company?

Full Well Life LLC

What exactly does your company do?

Wellness Coaching. Education on the many ways to improve or maintain health and wellness, including happiness and gratitude meditation.

Why did you start this company?

This company was started because I saw a real need for coaching to help people in their endeavor to maintain or improve health. Sometimes just having someone to walk and talk with is enough to keep someone on the right track.

What was the process like? Help us understand what it is like for a nurse to start their own business

The process is scary. Sometimes it makes you wonder if you are nuts to try this. Then, you get the one person who thinks you can succeed, or the person seeking help – that lets you know you are useful and needed.

What has the hardest thing been in starting your business?

Marketing. How do I sell what I have to offer?

What has been the most rewarding thing about starting your business?

The first happy customer. Not being tied to the stereotypical roles for nurses.

What would you say are the four most important resources for a nurse who wants to start their own business?

  1. Family and Friends to support the efforts and give feedback.
  2. A source of funding, or the ability to take it slowly and pay as you go.
  3. Time – to think and just be in the moment – to look at the business objectively.
  4. A history of experiences to share (knowledge to impart – wisdom)

Do you have any exciting success stories to share with us?

Not yet. Hopefully soon.

Do you have any unfortunate stories that you could share with us to prepare and warn us of the possible pitfalls of being a self-employed nurse?

Not yet – thankfully.

What do you want nurses to take away from this interview?

I have found the local small business association to be most helpful in getting the proper paperwork completed. The Nurses in Business Association has been most helpful with articles and information. I could not have started this without my husband – my biggest supporter.

About Dr. Kaci Fournier PhD RN MSN HHP-BC, Owner of Full Well Life, LLC

My love for teaching others how to promote wellness in themselves and others began with my teaching career in 1984. Promoting wellness in every lecture gave me the background to start Full Well Life LLC. ( The business is a continuum of what I do in my classroom on a daily basis. I love teaching and find that coaching is listening with the intent of correcting misconceptions and providing new information (Teaching). I have faced many health issues and can relate to numerous situations, including Spousal and workplace violence.

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